Friday, May 7, 2010

My Mother's Day Card

The boys both came home with wrapped Mother's Day presents yesterday. They were BEGGING me to open them, but I want to have something to open on Sunday so, much to their dismay, I told them I wanted to wait. They were both pretty upset, but I appeased Noah by at least looking at the card. Although his penmanship for a second grader isn't really what it should be, the sentiment was certainly there.

I am going translate complete with his spelling...just because it's sweet.

"I love you more than the moon and back"
(This is from a book that we've read together since he was a baby)

Moms are truly amazeing

There are 6 resons why

(He gives a specific number of reasons for everything he does these cracks Steve up)

1. they keep great supizes ( I wonder what surprise he thinks he's getting)

2. they give you stuff

3. they love you

4. they can do stuff that you don't know they can do (I wonder what I've done)

5. they are verrrrrrrrrrry smart (Thank you, Noah)

6. moms protect their kids

and that why moms are amazeing!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone. Have a great weekend.