Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Top Five 3/15/10

It was a pretty busy weekend. I was a bit hormonal, which always adds adventure to a weekend and Noah is trying to get mouthy again, which we will nip ion the bud or he will be losing his "Wimpoy Kid" books which I firmly believe have contributed to his attitude.

But overall, we had a good one.

5. Parents Night out
One of the MANY reasons I love Noah's school is how family oriented it is. Even though they have kindergarteners and high school seniors in the same school, they do a lot of things throughout the year to bring them all together. This past Friday night, the seniors held a babysitting night for a fundraiser and for $5 per FAMILY (I know, right?) we left the boys there while Steve and I went out on a date for his birthday (which is tomorrow). they had a blast playing, making a bunny craft and watching a movie.

One of the things we got accomplished on our date was being pushed into the world of texting (sort of). I know I have always fought this, including on this blog, but when I stopped by to see when I will qualify for my new phone with verizon, they told me we have 500 free texts on each phone a year. So I FINALLY was able to send home the ONLY picture of the space shuttle I got when we were in Florida last year (long story) and I was thrilled.

4. Family Outing
Steve hadn't had a chance to see the Big Big Bugs yet so we headed out to the museum on Saturday. Unlike last time, they actually had REAL bugs in containers where the kids could actually play with them (EEWWWWW) and Aaron had a pretty good time just scooping them up and moving then from container to container.

3. Noah's Project
One of the achievements for Noah's Wolf badge for scouts is to display a collection of some sort. We have been trying to figure out a collection fro several months but nothing really came to mind. So Saturday while I was cleaning (long story coming up) Noah was scrounging around and found a small bag of buttons (pins) that he had gotten at a Heifer International awareness event with Steve quite awhile ago. He decided it was a good collection and we went onto the computer and actually did some research on Heifer International. Then it came time to figure out a display (part of the requirement). I went to the store and got him a piece of felt and he pinned all of his pins on. Then, I got a dowel and started to sew it into the felt.
He stopped me immediately and wanted to learn how to sew himself. I was very nervous because of how sharp the needle was, but I still remember to this day when my own mother taught my big brother how to sew a button, so I decided to let him try. He was so focused and REALLY excited about doing it. I helped him a little to keep the thread from twisting and knotting, but in general I felt like he did a pretty good job.

And now he has a project to present on a couple of weeks at his pack meeting. And a collection to add to whenever we go anywhere from now on.

2. Church
We have returned to the same church for about two months now. The sermon stretched our minds a little this week, but come back on Thursday if you're curious on our thoughts of this church. I have an entire Thursday Thirteen in my head about it.

1. Big Project
I will be sharing the full effect of our ENTIRE Sunday tomorrow for Tackle It Tuesday, but let me give you a hint just to keep you wondering. It's a doozy!

The Week Ahead:
It is my last crazy week. I have two dress rehearsal with the Grand Rapids Symphony and then performances Friday and Saturday. On top of that, I am accompanying for five junior high kids for solo and ensemble on Saturday. After this, life will start calming down and I will get to start being here for bedtime again, which I haven't for the entire month of March. I am looking forward to it as much as the kids. I'll be gone for hubby's birthday tomorrow, but Aaron and I will still make a cake for him tomorrow morning and we got a chance to go out Friday to celebrate so it's all okay. I think we will be getting Noah's glasses this week as well, which should be quite a momentous occasions around here. I'm sure pictures will follow.


Stacey,momof 2 said...

seems like a pretty good weekend! I will be checking back on Thursday, I wanna hear more about the church...

Anonymous said...

That is SO COOL about the parent's night out!! Love that idea.
Yeah the bug digging thing at the museum was gross - but very captivating for kids.

Kila said...

I don't know how to text!

Real bugs, how cool!

Hope you have a good week!