Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Stuff

Wow, the comment mill was definitely rolling last week. I must have touched a nerve (in a good way, I think) with my potty post. It is very clear that this is a topic that everyone deals with. It is equally clear that I am not the only one whose kids are completely different from each other in this, as well as so many other aspects. Your suggestions were so varied and great. We haven't made any changes yet, but I think we have a plan in the works. I'll let you know.

We had a pretty lazy weekend. Didn't really do much at all. We returned to the church we visited last week for a second visit yesterday. I am still not quite sure what to do about Aaron and the Sunday school class since it seems that there is some sort of issue there. I think I will walk him back next week at the start of Sunday school to see what we can work out. Noah is a little concerned when we told him that we are going to visit a lot of churches, not just settle for this one. The main pastor did the sermon this week. It was very long, but I really liked how he interspersed different scriptures throughout the entire sermon, and also put each one up on the projector screen so we could read them along while he was speaking about them. Afterward, we stayed for the fellowship time this week and the pastor and his wife came over to speak to us, and even offered to give us a tour of the entire facility. If we can just figure out this issues with Aaron, I don't think we would really have any complaints. We'll see what happens next week.

I had Steve bring our Wii upstairs and put it in our living room and I think I will be much more consistent about exercising with it upstairs. Our basement is not heated and it was very difficult to get motivated to go down there. We spent some time as a family trying out some of the new games on the Wii Fit plus and it was fun, except for the bird flying game that got Steve quite angry. Sometimes I feel like I have three kids in the house when he gets all emotional about something like a video game. As angry as he was, it was still extremely funny watching him try to flap his "wings" and still not get anywhere.

The strange thing is that Aaron is like his daddy in that way. When a game gets challenging or doesn't go his way, Aaron has a tendency to throw whatever is in his hand, scream, and stomp out of the room crying. And that's what happened numerous times throughout our Wii session yesterday. I know it's because he hasn't learned yet how to control those intense emotions. I also know that this intensity will serve him well in the distant future. But for now this is definitely something we need to keep working on with him. His teacher said that it doesn't show itself in school much, which is good. But it is the one reason that I am still glad he ins in Young Fives, instead of Kindergarten, even though I second guess that decision on a regular basis.

Aaron has the day off today for a records day so I have an appendage for all of my regular Monday duties; laundry, recycling, cleaning, etc. Probably not the most fun day for him and I imagine he will be thrilled to return to school tomorrow.

Dryer just dinged...gotta go fold load #2 and start loads #3 and 4.

Have a great week.

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bethn said...

HI Kristi, It looks like you had great fun playing wii. Ours went to the basement so the boys could play when I was working in the kitchen and I wouldn't have to listen to it.

As I have been reading your post I was thinking the difficulty with Aaron might not be such a problem since you said the older class starts at 1st grade and maybe when you watch it you'll get a different take on it. I know our church has combined groups and it can be very hard for the teachers with the very oldest and very youngest being too far apart. It's such a difficult range understanding and ability wise. Not that Aaron wouldn't be fine, but he might eventually settle into the new class and enjoy the chance to be one of the bigger kids and therefore a chance to be a leader for a change.