Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: The Advent Season

I haven't done a T13 in quite awhile, but it is definitely on my mind today. As we said our final farewells at church last Sunday, and after just getting off the phone from a farewell call from the pastor, I am ready to look ahead to the future and the good there is to come.

So with that in mind, here are 13 things I am looking forward to for the Advent Season.

13. Taking the family out to cut down a real Christmas tree for the first time ever. I am actually REALLY excited about this.

12. Helping out with Aaron's school Book Fair

11. Noah's Christmas concert next week

10. Beginning the search for a church that will cherish my children, rather than scorn them

9. Planning Aaron's school Christmas party

8. Shopping for the other people since I am DONE with shopping for the kids

7. Wrapping, wrapping, wrapping

6. Christmas crafts to make as gifts for the grandparents

5. Family Christmas with the cousins in two weeks

4. Leaving the boys for an overnight with the in-laws in a few weeks so Steve and I can have a night to ourselves

3. Our 13th Wedding Anniversary on the 21st

2. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

1. New Years' Celebration with my brother's Family in Illinois

Wow, I got the 13 quicker than I thought I would. It is a tell tale sign that it was time to leave when I am amazingly lighter than air with the church stress behind me. I still would hope that something will be done so that the same people don't cause pain to others, but having done what's right for my family, I am feeling hopeful for the future. I wish it hadn't happened, but since it did, I am actually looking forward, rather than back.

Because of all that has happened, we are also changing our Christmas Eve tradition this year too. I will be sharing more of that with you in the future.

Have a great Thursday!

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