Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conflict Between Picture and Words

At first glance, one would read this sweet little note from Noah and say "AWWWW!"

"My mom is so cool that I want to hug her. She is awesome. The end."

But, now, look again and see if you can figure out why I started laughing hysterically when I saw at the picture

Notice at the bottom of this nice note ALL ABOUT MOM, the picture has Noah on one side, mommy on the other, and "girlfriend" Kylie in the middle.

It's clear that I am no longer the most important woman in my seven year old's life :(


Courtney said...

Funny I noticed that right away and thought, "who is kylie? she is coming between mom and son." Now I know, she's the "other" woman.

KC said...

LOL now that is funny.

Jen | UPrinting said...

At least he meant well? Aww.