Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not a real busy weekend, but very much a WET weekend.

5. More Painting
I don't really want to share pictures from this weekend's painting project, since I am saving it for a Tackle It Tuesday next week. But this weekend I not only FINALLY finished the kitchen (minus one last knob), I also fixed a decorating situation in Noah's room with some paint as well.

I like painting because it shows an immediate improvement in an area without too much effort. I still want to do the hallway and living room, but it will take A LOT of paint so it has to wait for now.

4. Lake Michigan Beach
Thanks to facebook, I have been able to develop a few friendships with people from church who were previously simply acquaintances. So this weekend, we were invited to join them to go to Grand Haven to the beach. We had such a fun day. The water was a little chilly at first, but after awhile of getting used to it, we spent the longest we have EVER spent at the beach since kids came along.

Here is Aaron dumping water on the legs of my friend's youngest daughter. I don't know who had more fun, Aaron doing the pouring or A giggling at the feeling of the water on her back.

Even though the two daddies spent a lot of time out throwing a football to each other and guys who were anchored on a boat nearby, they did spend some time with four out of the five kids trying to build a huge sandcastle.

And no water experience would be complete without quite a few of my sensory seeking boy needing to be THROWN into the air, landing in the water. The higher, colder, wetter, and more wild it is, the happier Aaron is.

Look at that height!!

3. Hormones
After three months off of the hormones, I have really been struggling to keep my emotions in check. On top of that, the pain from my endometriosis has been getting quite uncomfortable most of the time so after retrieving a coupon from my SIL, I FINALLY was able to fill my prescription this weekend. I never thought I would be this excited to be back taking them again, but three months without made me realize how badly they were needed in the firs place.

2. City Pool
As I mentioned above, I have been reading more and more about sensory integration disorders, particularly "sensory seeking" which is what I think we're dealing with in Aaron. I think this is the reason for his need to always be in motion...the wilder and busier, the more content he is. There are wonderful things and worrisome things about this.

I think this is the reason though that Aaron has NO fear of water. He is such a little fish. So when he begged to go off the diving board this week after only a week of swimming lesson, I felt I had to let him try.

The rules at the pool are that parents are not allowed to catch kids, so they HAVE to be able to get to the side on their own in order to jump from the board.

Well, lo and behold, after about two jumps, my FOUR YEAR OLD SON was doing correct form diving AND full in the air somersaults off of the diving board. I didn't get any pictures since I really didn't think he would go that far on the first day. You can bet I'll have my camera next week though. The pool is open for 5 more Sunday this summer and I imagine we'll be there all five of them.

1. Sick Cat
We came home from church on Sunday to find some HUGE nasty piles of regurgitating in several areas in the house. After much cleaning (and quite a rise from two little boys), I managed to get it cleaned up, but now I am worrying if Minnie is sick. The last thing we need right now are veterinarian bills. I guess I'll just have to keep you posted on that one.

The Week Ahead:
We got a call that our pediatrician had a baby on Friday and will not be returning to her practice so now Noah's appointment for Monday has been canceled. I guess I need to find a new pediatrician this week, especially since we'll be facing testing o some sort with Aaron in the near future.
I am also in full preparation for VBS next week. I have to get all supplies for the youth leaders. tee shirts, all skits copied, highlighted, and props for the skits in order, meet with the youth leader to prepare what kind of bible studies we will include, etc.
Also, it is the second and final week of swimming lessons, which are so fun to watch this year, since both boys are amazing me with the things they are doing.


AZMom said...

Send me a message on FB about sensory seekers. I can give you loads of activities and advice on that as in addition to ADHD that is what my son has as well.

Looks like a fun weekend! We did not get in the pool once! It was quite literally too hot to swim!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hope you guys had fun at the pool after we left! Hopefully next time the girls will last longer. I actually didn't realize how badly I needed to eat until we left, so am glad that we did leave when we did. Plus this water in my ear is still driving me crazy.

It's weird how different and yet similar Aaron and Abby are. She needs stimulus in different ways - she's constantly fidgeting, grabbing at things, playing with things - her hands are almost never still. She doesn't need the whole-body experience like Aaron does. I do think a trampoline might help though, so we'll be looking into that. :)

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