Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Help Me!!!"

Hi. My name is Snowflake. I came to live in the Wheelz household about three weeks ago.

I have been SOO happy, even though the queen of the house (a cat named Minnie) has been stalking me.

Last week, Daddy Wheelz came home to find my cage overturned on the floor, but I was smart enough to stay hidden in my little burrow until they found me and set everything right again. After that, Daddy Wheelz instructed Mommy Wheelz to ALWAYS put my cage in Noah's room and close the door to keep me safe from Queen Minnie.

Today I was forgotten as they left for the mall. Mommy Wheelz came home to find my cage overturned yet again (thanks to Queen Minnie) and I am hiding somewhere in the house. I am too scared to come out so I am just praying that I can be found safely and soon. Everyone in the house sounds awfully upset at my absence.


bethn said...

Ok I have to admit. I had to laugh. I can remember searching the house for missing gerbils and finding a red spot on the floor, sure that Bugzy (our cat) had eaten him. Oh, the tears. Of course, the spot was paint, years old and the gerbils were found safe and sound under my dresser, coaxed out by a toilet paper roll. Good luck with the hunt.

Debbie Yost said...

Oh no! I was joking about the cat on Twitter. I really thought you didn't have any. Keeping my fingers crossed you find Snowflake soon, safe and sound. Honestly, though try the laundry room. We really did seem to find our hampsters there when we were kids. I don't know if it was the dryer or what.

Good luck.

Tammy said...

Aurora forgot to shut the door once on her hamster cage. He was hiding in the closet and we finally found him after a couple hours of searching. I hope you find him soon!

Courtney said...

Oh no! I hope you all find her soon...Minnie seems a little guilty.