Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Top Five 6/22/09

The start of summer heat finally arrived this weekend, after a stormy Friday night. I even broke down and turned on the AC, knowing that the temps are supposed to hover in the mid 80's all week. If you follow me on Facebook, you have gotten a sneak preview into the home improvement mess that I got us into, which much of the weekend was spent trying to fix. As of this writing (Sunday night) there is a lack of hope in sight for getting this project done any time soon. As of now, ALL of our kitchen cabinets are laying around aimlessly in our kitchen.

But on a positive note, here are the highlights from the weekend:

5. Friday KidsGames
A very large scale VBS program that is being held all over the area, as well as other states. Noah participated in it all last week out by his school. The kids get to pick a particular area of interest (i.e. a certain sport, craft, or other type activities) and they study that all week, as well as other "typical" VBS activities. Noah loved it. Friday night was the closing ceremonies for the week. While Steve hung at home trying to pull hinges that I had mistakenly installed off the cabinets, I took the boys. Noah was excited to show the songs they sang all week, as well as receiving a medal for participating, and both the boys got to have ice cream, their favorite part.

4. Friday Storms
All week, they were predicting horrible storms for Friday. Less than five minutes after the boys and I got home from KidsGames, they started firing up.
We went ahead and put the boys to bed and started watching the weather reports as the lightning and thunder were VERY impressive. About fifteen minutes into it, I asked Steve if we should go check on the boys and he agreed. Noah was in his bed shaking from the thunder, so we wrapped them both up in blankets and snuggled as a foursome closely on the couch watching the storm coverage together until the bulk of it had passed (almost two hours later)

We had fun discussions about thunder and lightning and imagining God bowling. Noah felt so much better about the thunder when, after each thunder clap, he would decided how many pins God had knocked down.

Not exactly biblically accurate, but if it can bring comfort to a little boy in a storm, we're going with it.

3. Saturday Children's Museum
Steve had to be gone for a memorial service on Saturday so I took the boys to see the new exhibit at the Children's museum. It is all centered around a day at a farm. Some pretty cool exhibits included picking imaginary apples, a corn maze, a barn to climb up into, and planting flowers and grass.

The boys spent most of the time playing with the hen house. I think you're SUPPOSED to make the hens lay eggs and watch them roll out of the house.

Of course, the way MY boys played with it seems more like a game of "How hard can one roll an egg through a tunnel before the tunnel breaks?"

Luckily, it never broke.

2. Saturday Art Project
My neighbor brought over some old white tee shirts she had lying around that didn't fit her kids. After the boys had played outside and gotten REALLY dirty, I threw the tees on them as something quick to wear. About ten minutes later, Noah came to me and asked if he could color on his, which I didn't see any reason to say no.

They decided it would be more fun to use the paint dots to decorate them instead.

I think they turned out kinda cute, even though they won't be wearing them out in public.

Notice all of cabinets with no doors?

1. Father's Day at the Beach
In the past, out tradition has always been to take the boys mini golfing on Father's Day. However, with our fiances being as dire as they are, we opted to go to the little local man made beach instead.

We had so much fun. I had gotten some water squirters with a gift card from a review I had done, and three hours later, the boys were still playing strong when we decided it was time to head home and get cleaned up.

We may have a new Father's Day tradition!

The week ahead:
There is another session of KidsGames this week in the evenings that Aaron can participate in. Steve isn't very happy about having to take the boys, but I think it will be nice for Aaron to be able to do one too, and this was the only one in which Kindergartners were able to participate.

I will also be trying to get stuff in order to take the boys to see my friend Beth and her boys in Wisconsin at the beginning of next week, as well as see how my brother and sister in law's new house that they're building is coming along.

I hope you all enjoyed a nice Father's Day with your families. Let me know if you posted your weekend.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, even with the cabinet issue! I'm glad you guys got to the beach - it was a perfect day for it on Sunday.

My weekend's posted:

Courtney said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. We had been dealing with the storms since Wednesday, but Friday sometime after 2 am was the worst of them. Luckily my kids slept through them.