Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: What Have We Done this Week?

Last week was the first week of summer vacation and we pretty much just lazed around all week.

This week has been a very different story. Truth be told, I actually prefer weeks like this to those lazing around ones. It gives us more focus to each day. Not that I need ever minute of every day scheduled, but it is nice to have something to do to break up the monotony.

So far this week, I have:

1. Driven Noah to KidsGames every morning, and picked him up at 12:30
(I will be posting more abut KidsGames in a later post)

2. Purchased hardware and painted a hand rail for my hubby to install to our basement (because my newest student was afraid to go down the stairs last week)

3. Painted all of the cupboards in our kitchen (This tackle will be a BIG post in a couple of's taken on a life of its own)

4. Visited four hardware stores searching for new hardware for the cupboards that are now sitting in a pile on my floor
5. Discovered just how bad of a mess our cupboards have become over the years and pulled out everything to re-sort it (See next Tuesday's tackle)

6. Took Aaron to a WONDERFUL magic show as part of the summer library programs. This guy was awesome!

7. Took the boys to the mall to get shorts for Daddy for father's day and sandals for Noah

8. Washed every blanket, sheet and pillow case that was breathed on by two little boys during their bout with the flu last weekend

9. Made Jiffy brand brownies that are NOT as good as Duncan Hines or the like

10. Took boys to movie "Hotel For Dogs" at the library as part of their summer reading programs
12. Water everywhere...swimming in the neighbor's pool, jumping in the sprinkler, and cleaning after full body contact shaving cream sculptures

12. Prevented Aaron from two (that I know of for sure) near misses from yet more head bonks

13. Wore my hair up every day, meaning I definitely need a haircut but can't afford one

Yup, it's been a busy one, but that's what summer vacation is all about.


Dad of Divas said...

?? You didn't do anything?

Kila said...

The cupboards never stay straightened here for long!

My boys loved Hotel for Dogs :)

Hope you can get in for a haircut soon. I only make it about twice per year!