Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T13: Things I Did On My Birthday

Last Saturday I turned 36. It wasn't a huge milestone, but it was still worthy of mentioning. Steve had to be gone most of the day, first with work, and then on a singing engagement. So we kept busy many other ways throughout the day.

1. Went out for breakfast at Big boy with my sons, my parents and two nieces.

2. Visited Steve at the recording studio where he spent the day and listened to his entire choir sing Happy Birthday to me, resulting in me tearing up.

Why do I always cry when people sing to me?

3. Cleaned up dog poop in my backyard or the millionth time, even though I don't have a dog and I can't catch the mutt in the act.

4. Planted a tomato plant in the hanger I got for my birthday and also a new lilac bush.

5. Took the boys to Hannah's (Deb's daughter) soccer game

6. Watched (and listened to) my neighbor jackhammer the cement from his driveway, followed by chopping up numerous HUGE roots from our tree that caused their driveway to crumble.

7. Went to Flowerland with parents, sons and nieces and watched them chase each other through the vast rows of plants, pulling each other in wagons.

8. Went out for dinner at Olive Garden thanks to a generous gift certificate given to me by Deb

Since they don't give away free desserts, and I didn't want anyone singing to me, the server brought me a plate FULL of Andes mints with a candle on it to blow out.

9. Went to church to practice the music for Sunday morning service that Steve and I were in charge of.

10. Looked for nooks and crannies to put away the very generous birthday delivery from my parents that resulted from a trip to Sam's Club.

My favorite item was a 84 pack of tampons...I think I'm good until December :)

Noah was most excited about the batteries :)

11. Cleaned the litter box (Woo Hoo!)

12. Watched a DVD of Schoolhouse Rock videos with my boys

13. Played stupid trivia games on facebook while waiting for waiting for boys to fall asleep

So there you have. My birthday in 13 steps.

Happy Thursday


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your birthday dinner! We need to get the kids together again soon. :)

Do you want to go out tomorrow night?

Stacey,momof 2 said...

happy late..
I have been over here lately...but then when I attempt to leave a comment my darn computer has issues...

I'm on FB also... maybe we should connect there?

Courtney said...

How did I miss all these posts? I'm glad you had a good birthday.