Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: UUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

I take the risk of sounding EXTREMELY negative as I write this post, but I am feeling very frustrated with a certain first grader at the moment, so without further ado, 13 things I will NOT miss when school gets out

13. Forcing a PB&J sandwich down Noah's throat every morning
12. Ditto for apples on the way to school
11. Explaining why it is not possible to wear PJ's to school every day and then battling over getting dressed every morning
10. Worrying about whether the lion, tiger, or bear got taken out as discipline each day
9. Checking the backpack for which foods didn't get eaten for lunch, and which ones have now gone bad and can't be put back into the lunch box for the next day
8. Homework
7. Making Noah redo all the work that comes home marked "too sloppy" and sending it back to school the next day
6. Fighting with Aaron each morning to leave the school after we drop Noah off (he wants to sit at the fish tank and talk with his 7th grade "friends")
5. Keeping track of show and tell days and other "special events" that have been written incorrectly on the calendar this year
4. Friday lunch duty that used to be fun and now feels like a chore
3. Wondering each day if I should put Aaron down for a nap or let him sleep in the car on the way to pick Noah up
2. Spending a HUGE amount of money in gas to drive Noah 12 minutes each way twice (sometimes three) times a day
1. Feeling like a complete NAG all of the time!!!!

Disclaimer: Noah has had an awesome year. For some reason in the last two weeks, he has let himself shut down and has given up following directions both at school AND at home. It seems as if everything is a battle. This happened last year in May too. I seriously thought about pulling him last year for the last month. I have no intention of doing that this year. I am just so frustrated after such a great year that he is all of a sudden getting in trouble every day. Is anyone else seeing this kind a pattern happening at the end of the year too?

Again, I am sorry for the T13 vent. Next week, I will plan to spin it in a positive light about things I look forward to do with the kids this summer.

Have a great Thursday!


imadramamama said...

As I was trying to get Jacob up and out the door this morning, I kept repeating to myself "I can't wait for summer. I can't wait for summer."

I'm looking forward to be schedule free for a week or two!

I am Harriet said...

I remember doing plenty of lunch duties. Sometimes, they pay and it's not so bad.

Tracey said...

I am equally excited about my girls getting out of school and I could probably come up with 13 reasons why - some the same as yours! My drive is 25 minutes each way, though, so not having to do that twice a day would probably be number one on my list!! Hope you make it to the end with your sanity intact :)

Courtney said...

He's a normal kid....they are all getting burnt out. It's just a lot. Hang in there, not too much longer.

mielikki said...

oooh that is frustrating. I think that age is one of the hardest ones...
it will be over, soon
thanks for visiting, glad I could give you a laugh

Courtney said...

Come pick up your award on my blog, please!

Alice Audrey said...

This makes a pretty good list of all the things I'm glad my kids outgrew.

KC said...

It will be over soon.. (((HUGS)))
I can't wait till school is out for the summer.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh I agree - I think the kids are just done by now. It's nice out, they'd rather be playing outside than still worrying about school stuff - and so would we. For the first time I'm ready for school to be done too.

Kila said...

The last month or so of the school year is tough for everyone -- kids, parents, teachers.