Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Favorite Website

If you're anything like me, you are always to find new websites that have information from other parents ho may be struggling with similar issues as you.

I have found one that I immediately bookmarked. It is called Mamapedia (Mom+encyclopedia) and it replaces numerous other "mommy" sites that I have found.

Check it out at mamapedia.com.

It is extremely well rounded. It has answers to health questions, but also about how to deal with kids during a foreclosure, summer camp locations in different areas, and even young love. It is so easy to use and I guarantee you will end up bookmarking it as well.

Some of the searches I have performed:

end of year teacher gifts
sibling rivalry
sensory processing disorder
auditory processing disorder
Red Dye 40
summer fun activities
appropriate sports for different ages

I am loving this site and I strongly encourage you to visit.

Through the site, you can also sign up to be part of the mamasource community. When I did this, I get an email each morning about different topics on the site, and I have found some interesting articles on topics that I would not have thought of otherwise.

I was even able to put an ad on the mamasource site for private piano lessons as a private business. I haven't gotten any response yet, but I also searched in the site for other moms who are running home based businesses in our area.

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