Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I was lying in bed the other night, replaying the day in my head, like I do before going to sleep every night. Kind of like my own little "wind down" ritual. It usually ends with a prayer and then I roll over and go to sleep (most nights). Usually my prayer is thanking God for the things of the day and then praying for each of my family members individually.

While I was doing this, I found myself praying for Noah and Aaron differently than usual. Usually, I am praying for them to have guidance in facing whatever they may be dealing with.

But while I was praying this particular night, I found myself thanking Him for the qualities that I often find myself the most frustrated with. It kind of helped me to see things through a different light, almost as if I had been touched with guidance myself.

This is the line along which the prayers followed:

Thank you God for Aaron. Thank you for his cheerful smile and his ability to find joy in simple things.

Thank you for his questioning nature, as he tries to make sense out of everything in the world around him. Thank for his desire for more knowledge in every situation and please help it to ensure that he will always seek the answers in every problem he faces throughout life.

Thank you God for Noah. Thank you for letting him always wear his heart on his sleeve. Thank you allowing him the freedom to voice his needs, hopes, fears, and even disappointments.

Thank you for letting him always show how he's feeling, not only in words, but also in his body language. May he always feel comfortable expressing his feelings and making his needs known, throughout childhood and beyond..

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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