Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mini Golfing on Vacation

On the second full day of our vacation (Tuesday), my brother's family had planned a trip to Gatorland so we decided to see what we could find to do around Orlando.

After being up all night with Noah running a high fever, I was wondering if we were even going to be leaving the "condor" (See yesterday's post).

Luckily, he woke up feeling much better so we decided to see if we could find a mini-golf place in the area that would be reasonably priced.

Usually we take the boys mini-golfing on Father's Day each year and Aaron isn't very interested in actually golfing. In addition, Steve is usually grumpy when he starts playing badly, so I wasn't sure how the activity would go.
We found one called Pirate's Cove. I had decided not to play since I figured Aaron would lose interest after awhile. In order to battle Steve's "score issue" we decided to not keep score at all. Instead, we would just celebrate if anyone got a hole in one.

So we got started. It was a fun course based on the story of Captain Kidd. There was a beautiful waterfall right in the middle and we got to both go over it and through it, getting a little wet each time, much to the boys' delight.

Even though Aaron did stay in the game pretty well, he did have his moments.

At one point, he realized it was easier to swipe at unsuspecting bugs than it was to hit a ball. Too funny!

Noah was the most excited as we were finishing our last hole and he saw a REAL LIVE LIZARD sitting on a post. To many of you, this would seem like a silly thing to be excited about, but to us Michiganders, this was an unusual sight.

Noah was sad that we couldn't put it in a box and bring it home, but I convinced him that it wouldn't be nice to take him away from his family.

It was a fun morning excursion and after a quick trip to a fast food restaurant for lunch (where Noah finally ate something) we were back to the condor for naps all around before a night on the town. (Disney downtown, that is)

Have a great weekend. Please come back on Monday and join in on my own personal meme, Weekend Top Five.


KC said...

What a Blast.

Debbie Yost said...

I haven't been to Gatorland since I was a kid! When I told my hubby about it he didn't believe there was a place so I had to find a brochure for him. If memory serves, there were snakes in the trees. Not sure I want to go back!

Looks like you all had fun at Pirate's Cove, though.

Courtney said...

I thought you were gonna post about a fight...yes I am ready for drama.