Thursday, March 26, 2009

The "Condor"

Are you thinking of a bird?

Well, guess again.

For some reason, Aaron heard "condor" each time we mentioned the condo that we were going to stay in during our vacation. At first, Noah was being kind of mean and trying to correct him each time he said it. After awhile though, we convinced him that it was actually cute, and we all started calling it "our condor".

The condor was quite nice. It is a condo resort about five miles from the Disney parks. Each condo is individually owned and we paid less for a two bedroom two bath condor than we did for three days of Disney passes.

The pool was great. The perfect depth (between three and three and half feet for the majority of it) and this was the first vacation where we could take both boys and let them swim around without being held. That was a HUGE milestone for us and made going to the pool much more fun than ever in the past. I am so thankful that the boys have several years of swimming lessons under their belts now.
Aaron spent most of the time jumping off the side of the pool into the water.

I wish I had a pictures of him trying to "catch" his three year old cousin. It was funny that they both believed he could do it, but not so funny when they bonked...his head, her nose.

ON our last visit to a hotel pool (I don't even remember when) Noah had lost his goggles and he hadn't gone swimming since then. I was worried because he REFUSED to go into the water last summer without them.

I got some diving rings to bring and by the second day, he was going under and getting them without any complaint. I am hoping that means we ware finally over that hurdle for swimming lessons this year.

After that, he was content to swim all over the place. I even found him treading water over his head while he was playing ball with Steve and my FIL.

Our condor also had a playground. The playground was actually two blocks away from our condor, so we only visited it twice, but the kids still had a good time.

The sand box around the playground was really soft fine sand that my SIL and I both wished we could bring back with us.

Here is Noah with his cousin.

The playground also had a big castle to run around and climb up

and teeter totters that we banned the boys from after the first visit, since they were so wobbly.

Noah was fascinated by some of the flora around our condor since we didn't have those kind of plants in Michigan.

I never did get a picture of the palm trees :(

After playing in the heat, we were all ready to head back to the condor...

My brother and SIL carried their two oldest

and Noah took over the duty of pushing his youngest cousin in the stroller, with Aaron "helping" nearby .

I do recommend the Windsor Hills Resort if you are taking a family trip. The price was extremely reasonable and we had so much more room than if we had gotten a regular hotel. If you go to the website and plug in the dates you will be there, you will receive emails back from all of the people whose condos are available that week. Then, you can pick the one you want to use. I think I had at least 30 emails to pick from.

The boys' bedroom was designed in a Disney theme and there was a washer and dryer in the unit, as well as utensils, cleaning supplies, and pretty much everything else we needed, including an extra stroller (since we didn't think we would need two from home, but we did).

I can't believe the week is done and I have only posted two events of our vacation.

Vacation Posts still to come...
MAJOR battle with the in-laws one morning
The Disney park that we will NEVER return to
Major country event that I missed capturing on film
All day park marathon
Silly and embarrassing pictures

Personal thoughts about vacation in general and how it can affect one's psyche

Have a great Thursday.


Courtney said...

Okay Kristie we leave at 3 a.m. to catch our flight...what disney park will you never go to? Please e-mail me so I know where to avoid. Thanks

Melissa said...

Cant wait to see the funny/embarassing pics! Glad the boys like our white sand, plants, and lizards! Katelyn loves to chase them around the yard trying to get them!

Sounds like a great condor.