Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Thoughts

Sorry my last few posts have been such downers. This whole week was pretty rough and I choose to blame it on the full moon.

I keep thinking today is Saturday since Noah has it off of school for Mid Winter Break. I am taking him to his first dentist appointment in about an hour, which I am a little nervous for. Aaron's first appointment was at preschool so I never had to deal with the anxiety before. Let's hope for a clean teeth report. Cavity report: One small cavity between his back two teeth that needs to be filled next week. We need to floss better back there.

I am celebrating having the mortgage paid in full as of this minute. Woo Hoo! I am hoping to keep a month ahead now so we don't fall into the trap again. I am also thinking about purchasing a few Visa prepaid cards with the refund for our trip in a few weeks so that I don't spend the Disney money on other bills, and also we will know exactly how much we are spending while we are down there.

After all the preparation for Noah's class valentine party yesterday, he didn't get to stay for it. Now we have a pile full of cupcakes on the counter and a mommy with no will power. I wonder how many will be left by the end of the day? Already ate two...Bad Mommy!

I was a bad friend last weekend and didn't go out with Deb. I hope we can go out tonight. I tend to wallow when I am down, and I think I should do the opposite and go out with a friend who always makes me feel better. How about it Deb?

Steve found a place that will put a new tire on the van for $90. I think he is going to do that today. Meanwhile, I have been driving the "Green Hornet" as it lovingly referred to in our home. Three years ago we bought a vehicle from my brother for $1. It is truly a MAN'S car, with big ol' cracks across the windshield and a missing back window. But it has saved us so many times that we are absolutely convinced that it is the very best vehicle ever made. Steve has told Noah that he can have it when he gets older, which he is VERY excited about, and we are starting to believe that it really be around that long.

I am going to a bell conference and ringing all morning tomorrow and I am really excited about it. I think it will be a nice release to just go play for a few hours, rather than try to lead others in ringing. I am still not sure if we are going to the Valentine's thing at Deb's church tomorrow night or not. We'll play that one by ear.

I have to go take a shower and start the day. Thank Heavens for PBSKids and television shows that I can comfortable leave on while I take my shower.

Have a great weekend.


Courtney said...

Enjoy your weekend...I hope things turn around for you soon, although the new tire for $90 seems like a good deal.

Nina said...

The cavity sounds yuck!!! I hate going to the dentist. My son has been lucky and we have had all good reports so far.

A disney vacation sounds so great, oh and you can send some cup cakes my way. LOL....

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

We are way overdue for the dentist again too. I need to pay the bill so I can call and make an appt. :)

The girls have Mon and Tues off for Winter Break - do you want to do something with the kids on Monday?

I would love to go out tonight! Tried calling you but n/a. Will try again in a little while. :)

AZMom said...

Disney trip sounds great. I missed the post..are you going to CA or FL?

I am the queen of apologizing for downer posts and not being around. We all understand and are always here when you need us.

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having your mortage paid off. That's awesome.

Thankfully my boys have been very good at the dentist. And we've been lucky that they have had no cavities. Hope the next appointment goes well