Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Top Five 1/19/09

Another somewhat uneventful weekend. We have about had it with the kitten and have begun in earnest trying to find him a new home. Noah is very upset and I am not sure how to go about this without scarring him for life. More about that later.
The other non-event for the weekend is that a couple of weeks ago, we made a promise to Noah that we would leave the computer completely off on Saturdays. It made us show up at a restaurant on Saturday that wasn't open for another two hours, because usually we would check the website before we go anywhere new. But I think it is a worthy commitment to the boys and shows them that we really do think that they are more important than a computer screen

So here were the top five of the weekend.

5. Friday Lunch Mom

Usually when I go in for Friday lunch, Mrs. T does a little computer work and then leaves for lunch while I take the class outside for recess. Since they couldn't go out for recess, they had it in the classroom. Mrs. T left and the kids were a bit rowdy so I started a hangman game on the board while they were eating. They loved it and when they were finished eating, started getting out other games to play with me.

Mrs. T hadn't left after all and came back a few minutes later. I decided to stay anyway and spent the entire recess time teaching five kids how to play chess. It was quite fun for everyone and I felt bad when I looked up at the clock and noticed that recess was supposed to have ended five minutes earlier and neither myself nor Mrs. T had noticed. She was cracking up because the room was so quiet that she wasn't even watching the clock.

4. Friday Movie Night

I decided that if we are leaving for Disney in eight weeks, we should probably be familiar with Disney characters. I generally limiit Disney movies in our house. They really can be quite inappropriate for children. Violence, rude talking, scary situations, etc. and it drives me nuts. But nevertheless, riding a ride centered around a character would make much more sense if the kids are familiar with them.So we rented Peter Pan to prepare for Peter Pan's Flight.

3. Gymnastics/ Dance Class

Noah had the regular teacher this week and she kept them moving big time. They did all kinds of running, jumping, swinging and it was fun to watch Noah having such a great time.

This is my best shot from his class this week. I finally found a setting that works for these classes

I didn't really get great pictures of Aaron but he at least got to jump on the mini trampoline and hang on the bar before they went into their dance portion this week.

I did find out that the last class we will be able to come in and watch and take pictures of the little "routine" he is learning.

2. Saturday Library Program

The library has programs each Saturday until the middle of February. I think we will leave Aaron home for a nap for the rest of them because he was quite grumpy, but Noah loved it.

Each week has a different theme, and this week's theme was "nature." The boys made bird feeders from pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed

Proud Aaron
with hat head.

and they "planted" bean seeds in paper towel jars. I don't have a whole lot of hope for them growing, but the kids are enjoying imagining them doing so and I don't want to burst their bubble. It would be neat if they do grow. Maybe I'll have to report on them in a few weeks and let you all know.

Noah pouring his own water

And Aaron was excited to hang the bird food outside and sit on the porch waiting for the birds (that never came, of course)

1. Snowy Sunday

Steve had a singing performance Sunday afternoon and took the van so we stayed at home. It was finally warm enough to get outside to play for awhile.

Noah desperately wanted to make a snowman but the snow wasn't wet enough so he found our "snowman making kit" in the garage and made it his own way...using a snow pile on the edge of the driveway

snowman kit courtesy of Chris at Dad of Divas

and Aaron was happy to finally swing, even though the snow came all the way up to the bottom of the swing

This week will be an interesting one. It may be Aaron's last week of preschool as he's the star of the week, which is one of the two things I was waiting for. Both kids are bringing Pumpkin for show and tell this week, as I will be feverishly seeking a new home for him and trying to find a way to ease Noah's pain along the way. We also will be getting Noah's report card this week.

As always, let me know if you played along this week.

Have a great Monday!


KC said...

sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Love the bird feeders and movie night looked like fun. I can't seem to find the right setting on my camera to work in a gym for sports.. you know those crazy lights in gyms plus the fast motion.. doesn't make for the best pictures. but I"m happy to have the memory even if they are blurry LOL.
Glad you had a nice weekend.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh we'll have to join you one of these days at the library - that looks like fun!

Tammy said...

What a fun weekend!

After Hours said...

It's funny that you prohibit Disney movies due to violence and language. I feel that way about Spongebob and the Peanuts cartoons. I thought over Christmas it would be fun for my girls to watch, "I want a dog for Christmas" until Lucy called Snoopy stupid and then I turned the show off.
Now we have an official 1 hour of Dora a day and then the Tv's off for good. Most days they haven't even asked to watch Dora so it doesn't get turned on at all. Things are more fun now too. We do more puzzles, reading, building.

Timmy's Girl said...

Loved the pic with you and the boys laying in all the blanket fluff on the floor while watching a movie. Too cute! I would say that your weekend was truly eventful if the boys got to see that Mom and Dad love the more, more, more than the computer. What a great way to let them know how valued they are.

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Anonymous said...
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Shana W. said...

No Disney? I think we have all of them. If we lived closer I would let you borrow a!

Melissa said...

Love the action shot at the gym! And your library looks like they have some great programs!

bethn said...

We tend to avoid Disney movies too, but at Dylan's request because he's figured out that every last one of them has a part that he's scared of. Alex loves them, but not enough to fight little brother for them. The funny thing is I keep trying to reintroduce them now that D's almost 5, but he's having nothing to do with them.

Timmy's Girl said...

OK, I will address the elephant in the room...drdivendre's comment is out of line. Kristi, this is your blog, so yeah, your agenda.

He is definitely going a bit, ok...way overboard here. Book burnings?? Come on.

Anyway, I was totally not offended, and I am a Disneyy freak. I also limit what Disney movies my children are allowed to watch. God will hold you accountable for the way you parent your child...I wouldn't let this comment on your blog sit on here another minute. Press delete, sister. xoxo