Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Most Blogged About Stories of 2008

This week holds the new year and also my one year anniversary in the world of blogging. It was so much fun to go back and read through my blog over the last year. There were so many funny stories that I had forgotten and I was able to look at things from 9 months ago and see how far they've come since. Here are some of the most common post topics from my first year.

I'm curious if my readers remember any of these.

13. Potty Training Trials
I hadn't realized how much an adventure the first half of 2008 held while potty training Aaron. It really is so far from the mind now, that it was interesting to go back and read about when it wasn't so great. I had forgotten that I named bowel movements "flowers" for the sake of blogging.

12. My unsuccessful attempt at weight loss.

I was successful for about two months and then fell off. I am going to try again to make myself presentable before Disney, but I will not blog about it this time. It put way too much pressure on me.

11. My Little Hydrangea

Boy, this little guy got a lot of time for awhile. It all started with trying to transplant a plant that I thought was dead to another location, and then it took on a life of its own. For awhile, I thining my hydrangea had more readers than I did.

10. My health

I discovered my lack of ovulation, but never the reason for it. I blogged the struggle over going onto hormones and how much I was fighting it, but I also blogged often about how much better our life was after I was regulated.

9. Vacation to St. Louis
Oh so many wonderful posts about the places we went. I can imagine the Disney ones will be even more so.

8. Noah's behavior

I spent way too much computer time venting over Noah and school last year. I have made the conscious effort to not do that this school year and it has made us all more relaxed.

7. Injuries
Noah's broken arm that I didn't take him for an x-ray right away for and Aaron's head bash that required staples to close.

6. Numerous Van Breakdowns

I bought the van under duress, and the struggles that resulted this year were major and frustrating. I subjected my readers to all of them...sorry!

5. Bedroom Switches and Aaron Sleeping Issues
I think which in kids are in which bedrooms changed a total of five times in the one year. I also realized while reading back through, how many different strategies I tried to make survival happen. I can't believe we are on the other side of those battles now.

4. Church Struggles

I probably should have been more discreet in sharing details about the many church events in 2008, but it was a big part of our daily life and continues to be.

3. The Blog Change

Due to censoring because of readers from both church and my in-laws, I felt the need to change blog sites. It was the best decision I made and I have felt much freer to be myself since the change.

2. Cats
Our first cat Minnie, had gotten several posts, but then over the summer when the kitten Pumpkin joined our family, they because almost a weekly post topic while the two were "getting to know" each other.

1. Birthdays and Holidays

Although I won't do big birthday posts for everyone in my family this year like I did last (I used up all my pictures, it was fun to go back through and read them. I did like using the blog to catalog the pictures from each of our family holidays though and I will continue to do that this coming year.

What a fun trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, if you are a new reader, you missed the ones at the old blog. I will open the old blog up for awhile so you can browse if you are interested. the site was Music Mom Of 2. My new site is definitely nicer...I love it.

Happy New Year!!!


Timmy's Girl said...

I have loved getting to know you, Kristi, so I may have to make myself some hot cocoa tomorrow and sit and check out your old blog.

Happy New Year!!
xoxo, Veronica in CA

Courtney said...

I liked the trip down memory lane. I did read all of your blog posts, but figured I'd comment on this one to let you know I was here! Can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for you!