Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Top Five

Our weekend started a little earlier since I brought Noah home after lunch on Friday, due to the winter storm we were enduring at the time. Actually, pretty much the whole weekend we stayed home because of said winter storm.

5. Saturday Outside

We had two plans for Saturday...take the kids sledding and the walking in the parade with Noah's school. It was SUPER COLD and the roads were still really bad so I was not interested in going anywhere. Instead, we made our own fun outside.

Steve made a makeshift snow slide from our top step out to the driveway.

They even got mommy to go down, even though I veered off course and hit the bricks instead.

The parade got cancelled so we needed a back up plan for the rest of the afternoon

4. Saturday Inside

Later that day, Steve decided to take Noah to the big sledding hill, while Aaron and I opted to stay in where it was warm.

So we made No Bake Pumpkin Pie instead.

3. Crafts
Another indoor activity of the weekend was to use glitter to create foam snowflakes for the window.

I discovered a few years ago when Noah was small that if you put glue on paper and give them a paintbrush, it works WAY better than giving young kids glue bottles (and glue sticks just DON'T work!)

I got a great picture of Aaron from this that I am saving for a Wordless Wednesday in the future.

Noah takes his crafts very seriously

Here they are on the window

2. Church Sans Steve

Steve had two concerts with the vocal group that he joined on Sunday so we were Daddy-less. It went fine though. I set up a movie for the kids while we had bell rehearsal and then I took them to a McD's play area for lunch until it was time to go to Hannah's party.

1. Hannah's Birthday Party

Deb's daughter Hannah finally had her birthday party on Sunday. Because our kids, plus our friend Mary's kids make quite a large group, it was still a pretty good crew, even though only one other of Hannah's little friends could come.

They played Disney Bingo, did a pull string pinata and ate yummy cake and ice cream

Although I think the biggest hit of the day was simply RUNNING. I am quite sure there was no system to this game other than 6 kids on sugar highs who had been cooped up way too long this weekend.

Aaron, Noah, Becca

Like I said before, some weekends are harder than others to think of five interesting things. But what fun to try...

Another Winter Storm Watch is posted for Monday Night into Tuesday, so maybe we'll finally get our snow day this week.

If you want to share your weekend with me and others, please feel free to join Mr. Linky below.


KC said...

You did more then I did this weekend. They called for a snow storm for us lastnight, but we only got about 2 inches.. that isn't a snow storm LOL. but it is very cold. My weekend is up..

AZMom said...

Very fun. We miss the snow here! What is no bake pumpkin pie?

Melissa said...

Sometimes I really cant believe all of that snow!! We have our air on right now!! Noah looks so big in that picture of him doing his crafts too. Stay warm :)

Shana said...

What a super GREAT tip for glue! Could I use this tip on my blog for Countdown to Christmas? I will use quotes and link back to you!! :o)

Courtney said...

What a great glue tip! I'm going to have to remember that in the future.

Our weekend was pretty boring too, must have been for most everyone. said...

I just LOVE that picture of your window!
And the look of concentration-- WOW what a nice weekend you must of had!

We don't get much snow here-- in Oregon... but we almost always have Rain!

My Wonderful Men said...

Winter storms are never fun but it looks like you all had fun.

It was very cold and snow here too so we spend the weekend in side watching movies.

Pie is interesting??? I'd love to know how it's made.

momto3cubs said...

Looks like a good weekend :)