Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Top Five 12/29/08

I guess, after a crazy week with a major holiday, the weekend was destined for a bit of a "let down", but it really didn't happen. Even though Steve had to to return to work on Friday, the boys and I had a really good day anyway, followed by a great and low stress weekend. Just what I like, especially with another sub-holiday coming up this week.

5. Friday PlayWorld and Shopping

After the craziness of the holiday, Deb and I set off to PlayWorld for a few hours to let the kids run off some steam. And run they did! Noah spent the time trying to take pictures with the little digital camera he got for Christmas ($10 at Walgreens). The quality of pictures is horrid (see left) but he loves taking the pictures and seeing them right away.

I'm actually bummed that it was so would have been the best picture of Aaron and me that I have ever seen. We may have to spring for the real thing for him sometime in the near future.

That night, Deb and I resumed our Friday night shopping trips, this time to return all of the things that didn't fit/didn't work as well as a few clearance Christmas sales. The best part of the night though was sitting with Deb in Wendy's, drinking water and eating ice cream, getting a chance to just talk about the week and our kids.

4. Saturday Children's Museum

After being motivated to start the un-decorating process just a little, we headed to the ever popular children's museum for a few hours of fun. Steve had the most fun in the penguin exhibit this week, making friends with a puppet.

3. Sunday Church

Somewhat uneventful, except that our quartet sang for both services, and we got a chance to see our friend Chris and his adorable daughter, Juliana, for the first time in quite a while.

2. Sunday at the in-Laws

Since the family Christmas had gotten cancelled, we hadn't had a chance to celebrate Christmas with Steve's parents yet, so we headed up for the day after church. It is only about an hour drive, and the quietest we have ever had, now that both boys have Leapsters and Noah also had his new mp3 player.

It was a pretty good visit, although Aaron had an out-of-character accident (he's four) and had to wear my MIL's panties and sweatshirt for the bulk of the day.

The boys both got some Disney Dollars to spend when we go in March, which they were so excited about and I got some bubble bath.

1. Me

I guess the best thing about this weekend was how I was feeling. For some reason, I have been feeling more at peace the last few days. Our financial situation is still a mess, but I think I have been letting it affect my mood to the kids too much, and I didn't let it this weekend. We were all so much calmer, no major temper tantrums, raising of voices, or anger. For most people, this would be the norm, but for me, as I battle my demons, a weekend like this one reassures me that we're all going to be okay, that I'm an okay mom, my children feel loved and secure, and we will make it together, no matter what.

I hope you all had a great weekend too. Today, it's off to haircuts for the boys and planning for a kid-sized New Years' Eve Party in our basement.

Have a great Monday!


bethn said...

I'm so glad you had a more peaceful weekend. It sounds like a good time.

Timmy's Girl said...

YAY! Kristi, I am so glad you chose to not let those everyday woes bring you down. God is so good that way, that He would be the lifter of your spirit and use things like a nice time at Wendy's with a friend, or seeing the photographer in your son, or my favorite, the humor in your son wearing your MIL panties...sounds like a really sweet weekend! So glad it was and I will keep praying for you!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Courtney said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas and I'm glad that things with you are turning around (even if it's only internally.)

Have a good week.

KC said...

Yippie... I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your weekend and not let the stress get to you.. I know sometimes it is sooooooooooooo very hard. DH is laid off right now and I have no idea at all how we are going to make our mortage come the 1st of January.. So I totally understand the stress part.. and sometimes it is really hard not to let that affect your mood.
Glad you had a peaceful drive Sunday also.Glad the boys liked there christmas gifts.

writefromkaren said...

Steve looks so much like my brother, it's eerie!

Oooh, Disney dollars. That will so fun to spend!

I'm glad you had a peaceful weekend. Ours was pretty peaceful, too. Now that the holidays are winding down. *smile*

Have a great Monday!

Write From Karen

Tammy said...

I'm taking decorations down today and also I'm going to try to talk Aidan into getting a hair cut. He hates getting his hair cut, but it's getting too wild and needs a cut. said...

It is so nice to hear that you had a "relaxing" weekend...
We have been dealing with some behavior issues here-- and I haven't quite figured out how to best solve the problem.I'm going to step up my prayers for help and see if I get some answered prayers!