Friday, December 19, 2008

I Asked For It...

But I didn't prepare.

Yup, pretty much every school in West Michigan is closed, including Noah's. I admit I wanted it.

But did I prepare?

Of course not.

Our van has been in the shop since Wednesday, with no hopes for repair any time in the near future so we are home without a car.

Did I go shopping, knowing since Monday that this storm was on its way?


We have no milk, no jelly, no cereal. Pretty much the only things my kids will eat in the morning.

I have never craved milk so much.

It is about a three quarters mile walk to McDonald's but the wind chills are in the single digits and we are getting 1-2 inches of snow per hour, which means that the sidewalks won't be clear enough to walk.


Please tell me this is not going to be the way the entire Christmas Break goes.

Just to add to the fun...

Noah was snooping under our bed and found "TOYS!"

Luckily, it was the wrapped ones that I was going to give them in case there was a snow day. Everything else is wrapped in a pile of three tubs, sitting about 18 inches away from them, covered by a blanket and dirty clothes.

I'm SOOOO hungry!

And I think I hear the first squabble beginning in the living room.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


Shana W. said...

I hear ya! Not sure if I ever told you this, I probably did, we live about 40 min west of Toledo. We are getting the ice end of the storm. Christmas brake has started a day early for us. I have no milk and just found out we only have 1 roll of TP. Yet another reason to be happy I have all!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ok, comments aren't enough here - I'm giving you a call. :)

bethn said...

We were stuck at home too. Fortunately I still had a half a gallon of milk, but that's about all. That and Mark was home all day. Ugh! I mean, yippee!

Childlife said...

Oh nooo! I got caught flat-footed with our storm too. I paid for it yesterday with a 30+ minute wait in line at the grocery store yesterday during the first break in the weather.... *sigh*

Jennifer said...

Oh the joys of experience REAL's about 65 degrees here in Texas today...tomorrow MIGHT be freezing...enjoy the snow...we don't get to take pictures of our kids in the snow except when we go skiing! Have fun controlling hungry kiddos.