Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Signs That Christmas is Coming

Is is really November 6th? We broke out the warm weather clothes all week after they had been packed away.

And despite the warm weather, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (is the song stuck in your head now?)

Here are 13 ways that Christmas is trying to start already...

1. 95.7 WLHT and STAR 105.7 in Grand Rapids have switched to their all Christmas music format

2. The Toys R US Big Book catalog has already been defaced by two little boys with many different colored sharpies, displaying the countless toys they think they should get for Christmas.

3. The woman in charge of the Angel Tree project at our church made her first plea of the season for help this past Sunday.

4. The discussion has already taken place about what we should do about a curious little kitty and a Christmas tree. When Minnie was a baby, she climbed it, got stuck, strangled, almost died, peed all over the carpet out a of fear, knocked the tree over, needed to be CUT out of the tree, and left us with no Christmas tree for Christmas morning. (It happened about fifteen minutes before we needed to leave for Christmas Eve church services)

5. Deb and I have already started talking about our annual trip out on Black Friday for Christmas shopping. Even though I won't be doing as much shopping this year, it will still be fun to share the experience with my friend. Even being poor can't stop tradition.

6. Drawings have been done for the kids on both sides of the family for presents.

7. It's supposed to snow tomorrow

8. My piano students all bought their Christmas music books this week. I am a firm believer of starting them early so they can actually PLAY the songs by Christmas.

9. The neighbor took advantage of the warm weather this week and put her lights on her bushes. I may follow suit before it gets cold tomorrow. The only problem will be holding back from turning them on.

10. Flipping through stations of the television, QVC has more Christmas Gift programs than any others.

My cherub choir spent ten minutes singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" at last night's practice to get ready for their December performance

12. I just saw a commercial with Santa Claus in it

13. I need to believe Christmas is coming and to keep my heart focused on the real meaning.

So Merry Christmas and let me know if you have seen any signs around you that it is coming earlier this year than ever before. Please feel free to sign Mr. Linky if you would like to share your T13 with others.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that it's already time to start thinking about Christmas!!

KC said...

I LOVE Christmas.. and I'm so ready to see lights and hear christmas music..
Snow tomorrow after having the warm weather cloths out this week..LOL.. got to love weather like that LOL..
Happy T13

Courtney said...

I just hope it snows for Christmas this year. It never really feels like Christmas to me unless it snows. This is how I know I could never spend Christmas somewhere like Florida or Arizona. It would just be another day.

Nicholas said...

We are just at the start of November and people are preparing for Christmas! It gets worse every year!

Lazy Daisy said...

Christmas music already?!!

Patsy said...

Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.