Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo Story Friday;Two Boys and a Camera

A couple of weeks ago, a friend at Steve's work brought in a meal of Jambalaya for the office staff. Steve came home ranting and raving about how good it was and that he wanted to make it. So he went grocery shopping.

It was VERY spicy and all that sodium made us all quite sick within a half hour of eating. It was dark and cold outside so we didn't want to go for a walk, but we desperately needed to move some, so we broke out the American Idol dance mat that I got for Christmas last year.

I decided to take a few pictures, INTENDING to do a quick post about the jambalaya and it after effects (that lasted for about three days).

The boys took a turn first. They really don't "get it" about watching the arrows, but they like to pretend.

Then it was mommy and daddy's turn. I gave the camera to Noah to try to get some shots.

Not quite attractive of the mommy.

At least I'm smiling in THIS one.

But apparently the boys got bored, and decided that it would be fun to create some photos of their own, with Noah as photographer and Aaron the Ham as the "star".

I had no idea what they were doing, other than laughing hysterically behind us, until later that night when I looked at the camera. This is what I found:

A very close up of Aaron

A little further away

Many of the shaking your booty variety

And quite a few of the booty itself

Then come the silly show off poses

And several that were taken looking directly into the light that I had to lighten up to even see Aaron's face.

I love this one. It is SO Aaron.

Noah has asked numerous times for his own digital camera. I got him one of those toy VTech ones last year, but it is pretty bad quality and he is so good with the real thing that maybe next year we will figure out a way to get him one. Until then, I don't mind allowing him to use mine. He has a great eye.

Have a great weekend.


bethn said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Alex loves to take pictures too. Noah did a great job! I haven't had my computer out all week so I didn't know you were sick. I hope you feel better now. said...

Last year we were taking a car trip to visit my parents' it's about an hour and a half drive,We bought each of the kids a disposible camera---
I still shake my head looking at the pictures of blurry seat pictures!
Your boys are AMazing! I love that you posted pictures of yourself-- I wish I had that kind of guts-
- And by the way you look GREAT!
Seriously, you look good!

Tammy said...

That looks like a blast!